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Come along while we meet these buyers and sellers of treasures, keepsakes and memories who sell on the worldwide markets of eBay, Bonanzle, Etsy and eCommerce.

We celebrate Treasure Pickers, the ultimate recyclers. We will go along as they pick a vintage hat, antique firetruck, memorabilia that evokes another era. Even crafts from remote places in Africa. We will join in when an item that was bargained and bought for $5.00 ends up selling for $400!!!.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

eBay Power Couple II Sharing Tips for Success

eBay Tips for Success...by Sharon and John Ware of Dandelion Consulting

Do something every day to advance or improve your business:
a. Learn something new
b. Research products and competitors
c. Learn to take great pictures
d. Create Professional Listings
e. Maintain sold and unsold items
f. Pack and ship
g. Hire help if you need it
h. Take time to rest.. away from your computer

Choose your battles:
a. It’s business, not personal… don’t sweat the small stuff
b. Know that you can’t please everyone all the time
c. Do your best, be kind and honest and that will shine through
everything you do

We can no longer ignore the importance of Branding when it comes to our eBay business. To be competitive with the larger companies who are penetrating the market today, it is imperative to take steps to ramp up our business and be professional.

How do we create a brand for our business?
• Take advantage of an eBay Store and all it has to offer:
o Create a strong Store Home page logo
o Use pleasing and consistent colors throughout the site
o Write a great About Me page
o Have a matching Small logo and My World logo
o Of course, it goes without saying, you must have a well written
description and customer-friendly store policies
o Utilize all 15 custom pages

Custom pages are important because they offer a great
opportunity for SEO. Write interesting stories, highlight
products you sell or services you offer, tell the buyer why
they should buy from you. Any relevant information you put
on your custom pages will help your buyers find you when
they start with a search ‘off’ eBay.

Places to promote your store name and brand on eBay:
o Invoice wording
o Automatic eMail responses to buyers
o Feedback
o Thank you included with shipment
o eBay Reviews
o eBay Guides
o eBay Neighborhoods
o eBay Discussion Forums

Places to promote your brand outside of eBay:
o eMail signatures
o local advertising
o t-shirts, ball caps, pens, any kind of promotional give-away
o community meetings and clubs
o any gathering of friends, family or business colleagues

Social Networking (just to name a few)
o Facebook Business or Fan page
o Twitter
o MySpace
o LinkedIn
o MyLife
o Squidoo
o Blogs
o Communities
o Groups
o Radio Programs
o Learning Sites

To save time AND money, print your own postage from your own printer with Stamps.com. With Stamps.com, you can also print First Class International Packages. It prints the custom form for you, which is a HUGE time saver over filling out the green customs form yourself and standing in line at the Post Office.
This was great for us because we have a lot of light weight crafts and stamps to ship to International customers. Easily import your eBay and Amazon orders and print your own postage on regular paper. Plus, save approximately 5% over buying postage at the Post Office! Check out the link here:

Get Free Postage

The impression we give our buyers when they view our listings or store
helps them decide whether they want to buy from us or leave. A well
designed eBay Store will allow you the opportunity to brand yourself with
colors and design. When you carry your design through to all your custom
store pages, your About Me page, your listing template and your logos,
the buyer sees a cohesive site that is pleasing; one that makes a positive
impression and puts your buyer at ease about doing business with you
again and again.

If you need help with a store set up or re-design, we would love to speak
with you. Just give us a call at 606-379-0000. You can also find other
store designers by doing a search in eBay. The important thing is to step
up your business and add a professional brand that let’s your buyers know
you are a serious business.

Happy Selling!
Sharon and John Ware
Dandelion Consulting
your partner in growing your business


  1. Dear Sir and Madam,

    Very good advice. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wonderful writeup, and excellent advice. We applaud your success. Marcia and Harvey